Car wheels can be extremely challenging to clean, since they have intricate designs with numerous crevices and difficult-to-reach areas. When cleaning wheels that have multiple spokes or mesh design, a standard mitt is not sufficient. If you get the right wheel brush, you can clean your wheels effectively and thoroughly, without requiring too much effort.

Wheel and tire cleaning brushes

As you may have guessed, wheel brushes are hardly a complicated purchase. To ensure that your wheels are not damaged during cleaning, buy a brush having soft bristles that are safe for all finishes. Wheel brushes are typically designed to clean in narrow spaces, where cloth rags cannot. Using a brush wheel is easy too. The only thing you’ll need is a high-quality wheel cleaner, which when used properly, will last several months.

You can also use wheel brushes to clean car mats, tires, and other polished surfaces that are stained with dirt, mud or salt. 

This handy guide will help you find the right wheel brush for your needs since there are so many different sizes and designs.

Chemical Guys Wheel & Tire Brush

The Chemical Guys’ wheel brush is made from 100% synthetic fibers with feathered ends ensuring gentle cleaning. The feathered ends hold more soap. Grease and grime can be removed with ease from wheels, rims, tires, or undercarriages using the bristles, since it can withstand chemical solutions.

The handle is made from rugged, non-slip plastic that conforms to the human hand for a secure grip even while wearing gloves. There are no issues with chrome, powder-coated, wrapped, or custom wheels.

A disadvantage is the large handle, which can be difficult to use when cleaning behind the rims or through small spaces. Moreover, it can be difficult to hold when your hand is wet and soapy. Scratches or swirls can occur when the bristles touch painted rims.

Tip: Clean the tires with a separate brush, so that road grime is not transferred onto the face of the wheels.

Mothers Wheel Brush and Tire Cleaner

Using a Mothers Wheel brush makes it easy to reach inaccessible or hard-to-reach places in your car. The brush is designed to be lightweight, making it convenient to use and move around. Rubberized handles are easy to hold, and you do not tire after prolonged use. Because ergonomic products are well-designed for easy handling and last longer through multiple cleaning processes, they further reduce the risk of injury.

In general, this brush will do a good job of cleaning rims, fenders, and bumpers. Its soft bristles reach into tight spaces evenly and pick up even the tiniest dust particles. 

This product’s most significant negative characteristic is its soft bristles. The bristles on this brush are soft and won’t damage your wheels, so you need to exert a little effort while using the brush. There is not enough strength or stiffness in the device to clean off heavy dirt and debris from tires efficiently. This is especially true if your wheels are excessively dirty or caked in brake dust. This is a good brush for quick, light dusting and cleanup.

TAKAVU Master Wheel Brush

The Takavu Wheel Brush makes it easy to remove brake residue and grime from between wheel spokes, tire treads, and other tight areas with just a simple wash. Synthetic bristles assure it is safe for use on chrome, polished surfaces, painted finishes, and matte surfaces. Its handle is also strong enough to serve you for years without breaking. 

Its 9.5-inch size and large bristles allow it to maneuver easily into small crevices without limiting its ability to clean between spokes. It reaches deep into the wheel between and behind the spokes. Furthermore, it is thin enough to easily pass behind the brakes without rotating the wheels. Also included is an ergonomic plastic handle with knuckle guards to avoid your fingers from touching metallic surfaces while you clean. 

A number of reports indicate, that the plastic end cap pops off as soon as the box is opened. The end cap can get stuck in the rotors or scratch the metal if you don’t glue it back on. However, if not handled gently, the bristles can splatter water everywhere as they are a little stiff.

VIKING Premium Metal Free Wheel and Rim Brush

Cleaning your vehicle’s wheels is made easy with the VIKING Premium Metal Freewheel and Rim Brush. This device is lightweight, weighing less than a full pound. The long arm and grip make reaching the wheels so much easier, saving your back.

However, its design’s greatest advantage is that it’s metal-free, so that it won’t scratch wheels. Despite its heavy-duty microfiber construction, the sponge is great for capturing dirt and debris. More importantly, you can bend and flex it to get through the wheel spokes without getting tangled.

In some situations, however, the microfiber might be less flexible due to its increased thickness. Some users report that it slips off the handle if it gets stuck or trapped in a tight space. Moreover, if any jagged edges exist on your wheel metal, the microfiber will get caught on them, causing the thread to be pulled.  It’s probably best for wide open rims, but not for rims with details.