What is the life expectancy of a Chevy Cobalt?

12 years and that many miles causes wear on lots of things, and all cars, as they age will need things replaced or serviced. Modern car drivelines are very robust, and I would expect that just about any car can make 250,000 miles without any major repairs.

Why did they stop making Chevy Cobalts? Why did Chevy discontinue the Cobalt? On September 28, 2012, GM announced a recall of 40,859 cars including the Chevrolet Cobalt from the 2007-09 model year because of a potential fuel leak.

How many years do Chevys last? If you came into this FAQ asking yourself, “how many miles can a Chevy Silverado last?” the answer is a long, long time. Treat it right, and you can easily reach 10-20 years or over 200,000 miles.

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Is a Chevy Cobalt good on gas?

However, it was also just an underwhelming car to begin with. Its standard engine was very fuel-efficient, but that was one of the only things that made it stand out. The Chevrolet Cobalt may not have exceptional performance, but it’s fairly reliable and often doesn’t cost more than $5,000.

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How much is a timing chain for a Chevy Cobalt?

The average cost for a Chevrolet Cobalt timing chain and gear set replacement is between $696 and $802. Labor costs are estimated between $405 and $511 while parts are priced at $291.

How long can a 2007 Chevy Cobalt last?

As with any vehicle, life expectancy is a product of careful maintenance and diligent care. With regular maintenance, You should expect Your ’07 Cobalt to last upwards of 140,000 miles. With religious fluid changes and proactive tune ups, it’s realistic to hit 175,000.

What is the last year Chevy Cobalt was made?

Model year 2010 likely marks the end of the line for the Chevrolet Cobalt nameplate. If all goes according to plan, GM plans to replace its compact sedan with the all-new Cruze. Not surprisingly, Chevy’s abandonment of the model has resulted in a halt to the Cobalt’s development as well.

Are Chevy Cobalts good in snow?

My usual car, a 2006 SS cobalt on snow tires is fanTASTIC in the snow, never had an issue, hell, I got it out of a 2 ft snow drift after a bad storm at work, cobalt’s are great in the snow (+100pts for manual), just go get some snow tires and you’ll be doing just fine.

Are Chevy Cobalts fast?

Passing horsepower in the base Cobalt is 155 bhp @ 6100 rpm, and producing excellent torque 150 ft lb @ 4900 rpm foot pounds/rpm, the Cobalt accelerates in a flash from 0 to 60 mph in just 8.5 seconds. If you want to go that fast, the Cobalt has a top speed of 160 miles per hour.

How much is a timing chain for a 2008 Chevy Cobalt?

The average cost for a Chevrolet Cobalt timing chain tensioner replacement is between $477 and $587. Labor costs are estimated between $422 and $533 while parts are priced at $55.

What does LT mean on a Chevy Cobalt?

Cobalt LT. The LT trim level added power windows, locks and mirrors, a front center armrest and upgraded front seats. An upgraded variation on the LT trim level — called 2LT — also included 16-inch alloy wheels, cruise control and ABS.

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When did Chevy discontinue the Cobalt?

The company stopped making the Cobalt in 2010, but there are still more than a half a million on the road.

How far can you drive on 0 miles to empty?

Depends on what you are driving and how fast you are driving. Most of may past and present vehicles could/can go 30 to 50 miles past 0. You can get a good guess by driving to 0 miles and seeing how much less than a full tank you put in. This is often 1/2 to 1 full gallon.

How long can your car go without gas?

Some popular car models can make it between 30 and 50 miles after the fuel light goes on, according to a study by Pick Analysis. The average Chevrolet Silverado will continue for about 33 miles beyond empty. Smaller cars like the Volkswagen Jetta average about 43 miles and the Toyota Corolla tops the list at 47 miles.

How far can I drive on empty?

According to the chart, you can expect to get anywhere from 30 miles to more than 100 miles on a nearly empty tank, depending on the car. Of course, the real-life numbers will vary based on how you drive, your car’s condition, and other variables, so Your Mechanic emphasizes they’re all just rough approximations.

Is a 2007 Chevy Cobalt a good car?

Respectable acceleration from all powertrains, smooth and quiet ride, good crash test scores. Cheap interior plastics, cramped backseat, lack of interior storage, dull handling, mediocre fit and finish.

Does a 2008 Chevy Cobalt have a timing belt or chain?

All four Cobalt engines have a maintenance-free timing chain; there is no timing belt to worry about.

How long will a 2005 Chevy Cobalt last?

I have a customer with an automatic 2005 cobalt and his has 203k miles on it. Engine sounds like the day it was made and drives nice still. I can say these should go for 250-300k miles if you keep up on things.

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What does LT mean on a car?

What Does LT Stand For? LT stands for Luxury Touring. Like LS, though, this original meaning has become less important over time, and LT is basically used to signify that this particular vehicle is a step above the base trim level.

What is the newest Chevy Cobalt?

The new Cobalt 2020 is coming and with it brings a repagination that aimed to make the style of the model a little more modern and meet some of the changes that users already asked. The Cobalt now comes with greater interior space, improved performance and sound insulation that makes it a benchmark in the segment.

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