A Clay Bar is an excellent way of removing contaminants like tar, brake dust and other stuff that you cannot remove easily with normal washing. It is basically a bar of clay that you rub over well lubricated paintwork and as it passes over the paintwork, it will pick up anything stuck to the surface of the paint.

If used correctly a Clay Bar will restore your paintwork to a glasslike finish. Before doing this, if you run your hand over the surface of your paintwork, you would have felt small particles on the car’s surface. A Clay Bar is ideal for removing these contaminants from paint, fiberglass and metal parts on your car.

How do I use the Clay Bar on my car?

When using clay to clean your car, always ensure that the paintwork is well lubricated. The best lubrication is a detailing spray that you can buy along with your clay. Some people use car shampoo and water as a lubrication, although my choice is to use a detailing spray as it produces better results and your clay will last longer.

Once the panel is fully lubricated, you need to rub the clay slowly across the panel. Make sure you do not apply too much pressure as this will leave marks from the clay on your paintwork. As you work around the panel, keep applying the detailing spray to keep the panel lubricated throughout the process.

When you have finished claying the panel, take a microfiber towel and dry it off. Then run your hand over the panel and it should feel as smooth as glass. This means it has removed all the contaminants from your paint.

Role of Clay Bar or AutoScrub in Auto Detailing

Driving a shiny car with glossy paint is always a good experience. If you have time to wash, clean and wax your car, that’s great, but most of us don’t get that lucky. We usually have a time window of 1-2 hours on weekends and look for a quick way to clean our car. Clay Bars provide great help and ease in this process and their use is also very convenient. You need not dip your hands in a foam bucket to wash the car. It’s much easier with Clay Bar.

Most of us were quite satisfied with how the Clay Bar worked. Still, there were some improvements to be made, and that’s why we were introduced to  a new product called AutoScrub. This is a new and modified form of Clay Bar. Although the basic construction is the same, but the technology is different. It works great whether you are an expert in auto detailing or haven’t done it before.

Using Clay Bar

We have used Clay Bars for auto detailing for quite some time and this product has proven itself. What a common car shampoo can’t do is done easily with Clay Bar. It is dough like cleaning product that you just need to rub on the wet paint surface. It will remove most of the dust, debris and contamination quickly.

The paint of the car goes through rough conditions on a regular basis. No matter how much we love to keep our car shiny and glossy all the time, we just can’t find the time to clean it. If we leave the contamination for too long on the paint surface, it can also penetrate inside and cause rust and corrosion. For removal of this debris, Clay Bars provide great ease. The abrasive polymers in this product help remove the stains, debris and dust from the paint surface without leaving scratches or swirls.

Using AutoScrub

Most of the new products are not made because the last one sucked but because the inventor felt that there is still some room for improvements. If everyone was happy with what they got, we would still be living in the Stone Age. Luckily people were curious enough to invent new things. This happened with our old time pal Clay Bar as they reinvented it into AutoScrub.

Clay Bar remained in business for quite some time and still some people prefer it over AutoScrub. However, AutoScrub is way better than Clay Bar. For instance, with Clay Bar, it will take 1-2 hours of your time for detailing a complete car where the same job can be done in less than an hour with AutoScrub.

This new car cleaning product is developed with synthetic polymers that remove the dirt and swirls quickly. There are some things that you should know about AutoScrub. It is slightly expensive than other products and you definitely need a DA polisher machine for perfect results. The application process is simple and faster. If you accidently drop it on the floor, just rinse it clean under water and it’s ready to be used again.