Foam cannons are one of the popular products used for a car wash. Their efficiency can be maximized when paired up with the appropriate cleaning solution.

A snow foam chemical solution helps to loosen up dirt and contaminants making the washing process easier. Snow Foam is formulated to clean heavily soiled automotive surfaces while lubricating the surface to reduce wash marring and scratches.

Snow foam car wash soap

Good quality snow foams are capable of delivering superb cleaning power. They are pH neutral, and can deliver a thick fluffy foam blanket on your vehicle. Applying snow foam requires pressure that can be supplied by using either a foam cannon or attaching a foam gun to your garden hose.

If you are going to wash your car using a foam cannon, use a soap that is specific for foam cannons. Then it will produce really thick suds when washing your car.

Chemical Guys Watermelon and Honeydew Snow Foam

This snow foam cannon soap is one of the most popular choice. Simply mix one ounce of the product into five gallons of water.

The rich thick suds produced by Chemical Guys foam lifts off most of the dirt and grime from wheels or paintwork of any color. It contains hyper-surfactants that can effectively clean deep-set dirt in a vehicle.

This product is pH neutral and will not produce any spots if it dries before rinsing. This ensures that the wax coating, sealant and other car parts are protected. It can be safely used in direct sunlight.

The dwell time however maybe relatively shorter than the other products on this list. If your vehicle is too dirty then this product needs to be complemented with traditional hand washing.

This product is offered in two variants – honeydew scent (mild) and watermelon scent (strong).

Meguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash

This premium pH balanced formula is capable of gently foaming away tough dirt, grime and contaminants without washing away the protective coat of wax. The ultra-rich conditioners in the product reveal color, clarity, and shine.

A microfiber or lambswool wash mitt is pretty much indispensable when applying Gold Class on your vehicle. The solution is also great to use with a foam cannon with a 5-to-1 mix ratio.

The scent from the product is gentle and nice. It makes wonderful suds and you’ll not notice any spots or residues left after the wash. It also clings to the surface for extended periods than other products mentioned here.

Though it has a steeper price compared to other cheaper car washes, Meguiar’s characteristic of producing generous amount of suds and being highly concentrated outweighs the price.

Adam’s Mega Foam Car Soap

Adam’s Mega Foam Shampoo is engineered for foam guns, sprayers or foam cannons. It provides the strongest suds necessary to clean your vehicle without the risk of damaging the painted surface.

The blends of super-slick polymers and hyper surfactants in the soap help to lubricate dirt and debris on the surface for easy removal. Moving dirt particles may increase the chances of scratches on a surface. By maximizing the suds and producing a thick layer of lubrication this risk can be mitigated.

Due to the neutral pH, this car cleaner is safe for wax, sealants, or ceramic coating on your vehicle. It sticks very well to vertical surfaces like car doors without needing to re-foam in the middle of the cleaning process.

The price is higher but a small quantity produces crazy amount of foam. Using a pressure nozzle sprayer, it appears to come out like a shaving cream and has a nice odor.

Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Super Suds Shampoo

Mr. Pink has a fan-base in the detailing niche. The tough formula is great for getting rid of dirt from the surface, yet at the same time will not damage wax finish and sealant.

One ounce per five gallons of Mr. Pink will be needed to get thick, full bodied car wash suds with excellent lubrication. The high-foaming wash solution will help glide the wash mitt over the car’s paintwork.

This pH-balanced formula could be applied safely for any vehicle in order to reach an optimal glossy and shiny look.

Chemical Guys have many variants of car wash soap products. The Honeydew one mentioned above is meant exclusively for foam sprays and foam cannons. It has a high foaming formula for a contactless wash. However, Mr. Pink is usually used as a maintenance wash shampoo as it has a higher level of surfactants for clearing out more grime off the surface. If you are looking for car wash soap that produces high runny suds for even greater lubrication, then they have a product called Maxi Suds reviewed below.

Chemical Guys Maxi-Suds II

With its continuous foaming bubbles, Chemical Guys Maxi Suds II lifts dirt and debris, and separates it from the surface. Each bubble carries special polymers that lubricates the sensitive surface. The dirt is eliminated fast and gently without harming the coatings.

The pH-balanced formula is safe to use even in direct sunlight for a streak free and spot free finish. Using just one ounce of this concentrated car wash formula in 5 gallons of water gives you slick wash results. It gives out a nice fruity smell.

Further scrubbing with a microfiber sponge may be required for removal of bugs, tar or tree sap deposits. It generally a good idea to rinse the surface with plain water before using the product. This loosens and softens up the dirt and other contaminants.

Armor All Car Wash Snow Foam Formula

If you are looking for an inexpensive snow foam product then this is the one. It makes thick foam, smells good and cleans as well as other products at a fraction of the price.

You may hand wash or use a foam sprayer or cannon. The formula is pH balanced as well. However, you may need to rinse it quickly as it dries off quite fast. Additionally, more amount of soap may be required when compared to other brands.