Whether you like to use car paint sealant or wax, we should use only one of them at a time. There are definitely some differences in sealants and waxes, but at the end, they both provide the same results – protection and gloss to the paint surface.

For adding protection to the paint of your car, there is only one thing to understand. The more premium and higher quality product you use, the better and long-lasting results it provides. Although we use paint sealants and waxes for the same purpose, there are still differences that you need to understand.

When to use Car Wax?

Car wax comes in solid form and it mostly includes only natural ingredients. The most important ingredient here is the Brazilian Carnauba Beads. This single ingredient brings the best in the wax and the end results mainly depend on the amount of carnauba wax used in it. Because of these complex oils and natural minerals, it’s a little complicated to handle wax.  Especially if you are not trained in using it on the paint surface, you can also damage the paint by mistake.

Natural wax products provide deep and long lasting protection. Compared to paint sealant or any other synthetic protector, the results are better. Another benefit of using natural carnauba wax is that it’s compatible with all kinds of paint surfaces. In addition, you can use it with hand puck, rotary machine and dual action machine with the same results. However, applying this wax will require time and a little more effort.

When to use Paint Sealant?

Car owners and drivers who regularly wash and wax their car understand that it takes a lot of time to wax a car manually. The level of effort is also higher. Therefore, if you are looking for an option that gets the job done with minimal time and effort, go with a synthetic paint sealant.

This is artificially or synthetically produced car polisher and shiner that usually include polymer ingredients.  It’s a more popular option because of the fewer amounts of work and effort that you require. A drawback of using paint sealants would be that the protection is limited, and it doesn’t last too long.

You may not notice a lot of difference if you apply paint sealant frequently or at least once in two months. You will find that your car shines like it’s just been waxed. Use of paint sealant is also easy whether you use hand puck or rotary machine. The good part is that there are fewer chances of error or potential damage to the paint surface. It’s also the best option for beginners who do not want to go through the learning curve of applying natural hard wax.