With the passage of time, the paint on the car looks old and faded. This happens because of the UV rays in the sunlight and the contaminants in the air. Along with bad weather situations, debris and dust on the road, there are always possibilities that someone or something will put minor scratches and swirls on the paint surface.

If you have a car that has these problems on the paint surface, it’s time to do the paint correction process. This is the procedure that first cleans the surface, then removes the swirls, fills the scratches and adds a protective layer at the end.

Usually washing the car with warm water and shampoo will clean the paint surface. Then you apply car compound to remove and fill the swirls. After that, the Paint Polishers restore the shine on the paint. At the end, when the work is almost done, you apply wax on the paint to add protection against new swirls and scratches.

When to choose a car compound?

It is common knowledge that when you have mild swirls and micro scratches on the paint surface, you can use a paint sealant or wax to remove them. However, when the swirls are too severe or the scratches are old and deep, no wax will do the work.

This is where a premium quality compound comes handy. Compounds are best known for their cutting features or abrasiveness. This means they work on the paint surface just like a sand paper and they prepare it for the wax. By removing the swirls and scratches, they make the paint area look dull and faded. Then it’s the job of a good car polisher to restore the shine.

What’s good about Compounds is that they are available in different grades depending on the depth or strength of their cutting quality. If the swirls are minor, you can use a mild compound, but when the scratches are deep and can’t be cured with common products, we use a stronger compound with more cutting quality. Unlike most of the waxes and polishers, a compound works best when used with a circular polishing machine, but you can also use a DA machine if the scratches are not too deep.

When to choose a car polish?

A car cleaning product that we usually use right before applying wax to the paint surface, is known as the polisher. This often comes in liquid form with a spray bottle, but you can also get it in solid form.

Mostly, common polishers are not very abrasive which means they don’t have any cutting features and mostly they just help to bring out the real color and shine of the paint layer. There are however some particular polishers that are stronger than usual products, and their abrasive characteristic is also stronger than other polishers.

There are micro fillers in paint polishers that help to fill micro scratches and fine swirls on the paint surface. What a car paint polisher does is that it removes the layer of old paint sealant or wax from the paint surface. With mild abrasive polymers, it prepares the surface for new wax layer. What’s best about a Polisher is that it is equally effective if used by hand, rotary machine or DA machine.

But, keep in mind that unlike car compound, a polisher doesn’t cut the paint surface. This means you see a particular glaze or shine on the surface after using it, unlike a compound that cuts the shine, so wax can work better on the surface. In simpler terms, a car polisher is just a product that enhances the work of paint sealant or wax by increasing the shine and gloss on the surface.