Pressure washers work by pumping water at high pressure, which is then applied to the surface for cleaning dirt. If you want to pressure wash the exteriors of your home or vehicle, you have three options: hire a professional cleaner, rent a unit, or purchase one. If you intend to use a pressure washer frequently, then investing in a top-performing one will save you money down the line. One option is a gas pressure washer, but a high-performance electric pressure washer will usually perform just as well as a gas model for most homeowners.

High pressure washer for car cleaning

There is one great advantage to gas models: They clean much faster owing to increased pressure and flow rates. They can handle almost any type of residential cleaning, including heavy duty concrete cleaning.

Models using electric power have a number of other advantages. They’re smaller and lighter than any gas-powered washer. After pressing the trigger, they turn on immediately and turn off when you release it. No worries about gas problems or starting, and no worries about pump wear from prolonged idling. With no exhaust, they are perfect for indoors use.

Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric High-Pressure Washer

The pressure washers made by Sun Joe are designed for all types of applications. The SPX3000 might be the perfect lightweight unit you’ve been looking for. You can move it easily around the facility. The Sun Joe green finish adds sophistication to its look and the upright design makes it convenient to store. Further, the pressure washer comes with a two-wheel system, and a carrying handle for times when the wheels can’t carry it.

An 1800-Watt electric motor powers this electric pressure washer. A total of 2030 PSI is delivered at a flow rate of 1.76 GPM, which corresponds to a total cleaning power of 3,572. With its modern technology and built-in additions, this pressure washer will be able to tackle medium-to-light cleaning tasks. Additionally, the washer comes with two detergent tanks for extra flexibility.

With a gas pressure washer, you may have to shout over it since it makes such a loud roar when you use it. This electric one is a pleasant contrast. Paint and oil stains will not be removed by the 2030 psi spray alone, but it will remove dirt very well. It’s perfect for washing vehicles and for general cleaning.  A longer hose would really enhance this washer’s useability. 

Mrliance 3600PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Its 3600 PSI power rating is stronger than other top-quality electric pressure washers. With 1800 watts and up to 3600 PSI, it can generate enough pressure for most household cleaning tasks. In addition, it offers 2.4 GPM of water flow for superior cleaning.

Use it to clean your driveway, or even to wash your car and deck. A removable detergent tank and four interchangeable nozzles allow you to customize your cleaning. Handling the trigger spray gun with a pistol grip makes it easier to steer, resulting in excellent pressure washing results. You can even clean gutters with a 26-foot high-pressure-hose. 

It comes with a 33-foot-long cord and a hose reel. For cleaning your car, it also includes a foaming spray gun and a brush. This unit is surprisingly light and easy to roll along thanks to the wheels beneath it. It doesn’t have any space to store the additional spray tips.

Greenworks Pressure Washer GPW2002

Greenworks designed this unit to deliver heavy-duty results while being compact and relatively easy to store. Designed with a vertical body and a sturdy handle on top, the power washer has a modern and almost futuristic look. It weighs just under 37 pounds, so you can carry it easily. The 2 wheels on the bottom of the model make it convenient to roll around the yard.

This product is easy to use and store due to its vertical design. On the top of it, a hose reel is installed for storing high-pressure hose in a safe manner. It is powered by a 13 Amp induction motor, and can exert up to 2000 PSI at 1.2 GPM. It will make a difference to your outdoor cleaning tasks. A 25-foot-long high-pressure hose comes with the power washer as well as two quick-connect nozzles.

It has sufficient pressure for cleaning dirt and grime off of cars or washing the garage floor. The downside of the high-pressure hose is that it’s only long enough to reach half-way around your car.  To reach the other half of the car, you need to move the machine.

TEANDE 3800PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Despite the low price, Teande pressure washers offer a long list of features. It comes in well-packed boxes requiring a couple of pieces to be assembled.  A screwdriver and a wrench are included to help you set up the pressure washer. Assembly is relatively easy and it takes only a few minutes.  

A 1,800W motor builds up to 3800PSI and can pump water at 2.8GPM. That’s the upper limit. It appears that the actual pressure and flow rates are closer to 3,000 PSI and 2.2GPM.  Overheating and protective circuits further enhance the safety and durability of the device.

The Teande washer relies upon five nozzles to regulate pressure. The red nozzle has a 0° spread with pencil-like precision. Black can be used efficiently with detergent, while yellow can spread the water out 15°, green can spread it out 25°, and white can spread it out 40°. It’s easy to swap out nozzles on the lance, and the holder makes it easy to find the right one for the job. You can use the included soap dispenser to spray the car wash soap.

It’s also a better version with larger wheels and storage for all the accessories. The wheels work well and provide a smoother ride over cement and grass. You can just roll the washer around on its wheels and its 35’ power cord is handy too. In case you are farther away, perhaps you can use an extension cable. There is a surge protector at the end of the cord to protect the unit from water splashes. For easy storage, the hose can be quickly and easily reeled up into the unit.

Sun Joe SPX3001 Electric Pressure Washer

With 1.2 liters of onboard soap tank, this Sun Joe makes cleaning easy. The 35-foot extension cord is highly mobile, allowing you to clean everything with ease. The pressure hose of this power washer is 20 feet long, so that it can reach tight spots.

Moreover, this power washer produces a squeaky-clean surface due to its 2030 PSI pressure. Sun Joe ships this product with Quick-Connect spray tips so that you can get started right away. This unit is very easy to use because of the quick-connect hose and spray heads. Compared to other hoses, this is far more reliable and less likely to kink. This unit comes with a hose reel for better management and storage of hoses. Before spooling, ensure the pressure is released.

One nice feature is that the motor turns off temporarily when the trigger gun is not in use. As a result, you do not hear any annoying noises every time you stop working. The motor makes very little noise while running.

Power washers based on Sun Joe’s power washers are CSA-approved and come with a two-year warranty. It has plenty of power, making it the ideal choice for cleaning driveways, cement sidewalks, gutters, patios, asphalt parking areas, wooden decks, utility trailers, vehicles and even the garage floors. Setup is a breeze because there are only a few steps required. 

However, it comes at an extremely high price. Furthermore, the power cord is on the opposite side of the hose. Even though it makes sense, when you move around with the unit, the hose or power cord are constantly in the way. It also lacks a trigger holder. There will be times when the wheels will not turn freely as well. 

Both the feeding and discharging hoses are in the front of the system, and this creates awkward arrangement.  Even when the hose is depressurized, most of the time it can be very stiff. This along with the flimsy reel it can make a tangled mess. Besides it does not have a stowage for the power cord, so you can’t wind it properly.