For most of us, it’s comforting to clay bar a vehicle, but for others it can be a stressful nightmare. Improper use of clay bar could damage your car paint. If you rub a dry clay bar on the surface, it can leave your paint scratched and marred. You can prevent your clay from scratching by using good lubricants. Some of these lubricants can also be used for many purposes, such as for cleaning, polishing, detailing, and waxing.

Clay bar lubricants for car cleaning

Many people prefer synthetic clay lubricants. These synthetic lubes are easy to use. They can work for every color and surface. You can always use soap water instead if you are working on a budget. A good car shampoo can provide lubrication for you to clay bar your car. However, soaps can dull the shine of paint on your car.

A clay lube which allows you to clean your car without leaving behind any extra paint defects, is the best one. Finally, you must try out a few. You won’t be able to judge what type of clay lube you like before actually using different types.

Chemical Guys Clay Luber

This clay bar kit is a two-part system. In addition to a 16-ounce bottle of lubricant, you will get a light to medium-grade clay bar. The clay bar is of good size and will most likely outlast the lubricant. The bar is usually covered with a thin plastic wrapper. Make sure to remove it before using. You can use this clay bar to clean several cars. The clay lubricant reduces friction that would prevent your clay bar from moving.

The synthetic wetting agents and slick lubricants in this product allow users to extend the useful life of their clay bar, mitt, or block. Clay Luber is one of the most economical products that are manufactured by the Chemical Guys Company.

The clay bar becomes very slippery when used with the lubricant. It is very likely that you will drop the clay bar. If dropped, never use it on the paint again. You might scratch the paint in case the clay has grains of sand in it. You may opt to wear gloves to get a good grip. Try to use the clay bar in the shade. Clay barring in the sun will require about twice the amount of lubricant.

Mothers California Gold Clay Bar System

This paint cleanser system is designed to remove bug remains, grime, metal shavings and tree sap from a vehicle’s paint. The package includes a 16-ounce lubricant bottle, two clay bars, and a microfiber towel. This product will prepare the paint well for waxing and polishing by adding depth and clarity. It is easier to glide the clay bar using the lubricant otherwise the bar seems to stick to the paint.

There are plenty of other clay bars that can deliver better results but they are usually more costly and have a higher abrasion rate. This is better suitable for beginners because it’s much harder to ruin the paint. To use it correctly, make sure you follow the given directions. Kneed the clay bar until it is soft.

It will be helpful if you divide the clay bar into 4 parts. This way you can avoid wasting the entire bar in case it falls. Once a clay bar gets dirt on it, you should stop using it. If any grain, small pebble or rock gets in the clay bar, it will damage the paintwork.

Spray the lubricant over the surface you want to clean. The spray has a slight minty smell. Then slide a piece of the clay bar over the lubricated area only. After using the clay bar, you can use the microfiber towel to remove the excess lubricant. Never use the clay bar outside the lubricated area.

Griot’s Garage Speed Shine

As a great all-purpose quick detailer, this product can be used on many painted surfaces and on the trim as well. This product is so easy to use that you should always use it to keep your car wax shiny. You can use it to wipe your car after a wash or utilize it for removing water spots especially on the windshield and windows.

The formula glides onto the surface and provides an instant high mirror finish that withstands extremely well. It easily lifts the dirt without scratching the paint. For removal, it just requires a light wiping with a microfiber towel. Carry a small bottle along with a dry towel in your trunk to wipe away water spots, light smudges, dirt, bugs and bird poop on the go.

This unique formula can also be used for lubrication of the paint surface for use with a clay bar. You may want to try out the 35oz sprayer bottle first, and then, in case that you love the product, you can go for the gallon bottle as well.

Meguiar’s Last Touch Spray Detailer

Wet looking paint is just minutes away with Meguiar’s Last Touch. The paint cleaning formula includes polymeric lubricating agents which encapsulate the dust particles, allowing you to clean the paint without leaving swirls. Perfect for refreshing shine of your paint, or as a finishing product.

This detailer spray can be used as a waterless wash and also as a great clay lube after diluting it in the ratio of 1:1. It has a light tropical scent and is very economical. You can use it as a clay bay lubricant, wax preparation, regular wash and dry, and hand cleaning. It is not hard to spray and it wipes off pretty easily.