Hyundai Kona

Is the Hyundai Kona Made in USA?

We have a technologically sophisticated manufacturing facility in Montgomery, Alabama, engineering facilities in Michigan, plus design, research, and testing grounds in California. How long will a Hyundai Kona last? The Hyundai Kona is a highly reliable subcompact SUV that can last between 200,000 – 250,000 miles when properly maintained and driven conservatively. Based on an …

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What does name Kona mean?

The name Kona is used as a baby name for both girls and boys in Hawaii. One of the translations of the word signifies “lady”. This makes it a beautiful name for a baby girl. Moreover, the name also means “origin, popularity, and the world rule”. Ordinarily, Kona seems to be a popular name for …

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Is Kona electric only?

The Kona Electric (and all other electric-only vehicles) has no oil or spark plugs to change, so the complimentary scheduled maintenance includes tire rotation, cabin air-filter changes, and a variety of different system inspections. Is Nissan kick a good car? Yes, the Nissan Kicks is a good, if unexciting, subcompact SUV. It fares well in …

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How do I use my Kona key?

With Hyundai Digital Key, you unlock the car by holding your smartphone against the driver or passenger door handle. Once inside, just place the phone in the wireless charger, push the start button and go. Can I start my car with just the key? If your car starts with a mechanical key, the short answer …

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