Auto Detailing

How to Clay Bar a Car?

Airborne contaminants such as sand, salt, brake dust, tar, dirt, insects stick to your vehicle. They damage the clear coat in our cars if we don’t remove them by using clay bar. Tiny metal particles embed into the finish and can show up as very small specs on white cars. Although washing regularly doesn’t remove …

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Carnauba Vs Synthetic Wax

It is quite common for natural and synthetic products to be compared especially when discussing car care products. Basically, automobile wax comes in two types: synthetic and carnauba. Synthetic wax is the artificial alternative in comparison to the natural carnauba wax. Various forms of these waxes such as liquid, paste and spray are available, each …

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Car Wash FAQs

Are automatic car washes bad for your car? Automatic car washers, if not properly maintained, damage the paint. They may create hundreds of tiny abrasions called swirl marks, just like if you wipe your car with a dirty mop. What soap should I wash my car with? Do not wash your car with everyday household …

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The Perfect Paint Care

An unkempt surface on a vehicle’s paint has a great influence on its overall impression. This is because it lowers the car’s resale value and its overall appearance. Here are some tips for maintaining optimal paint care. There are many external influences that cause car paintwork problems. These include temperature fluctuations, frost, heat, UV radiation, …

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