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Are Livguard batteries good?

Regarding battery performance: The battery charges up very fast and gives about 10-20% less performance than the original battery of Micromax. I am writing this review after using it for months, so far I don’t have any complaints with it. It does it’s job pretty well, better than any other battery. Do brand name batteries …

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What happens if you use a different car battery?

Manufacturers precisely match their alternators and batteries to the vehicle’s power requirements. A mismatched battery/alternator combo could cause your alternator to overheat and shorten its life. Can you use any battery in a car? There is no “one-size-fits-all” battery suitable for every car. The battery type, physical size, terminal configuration, and cold cranking amps (CCA) …

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Is my car battery AGM?

If your car’s battery is not under the hood, the probability is that it is an absorbent glass mat (AGM) or a gel cell battery. What is the most common car battery type? TYPICAL CAR BATTERY DESIGNS Lead-acid batteries are the most common and affordable varieties. They have been around for more than 150 years …

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