If you want to restore the luster to your vehicle’s clear coat or any glossy surface, you will need buffing pads. Use of a buffing and polishing pad could keep your vehicle in a sparkling condition.

There are tons of buffing pads offered by a lot of manufacturers. Which one should you prefer? It is important to remember that the buffing pad is not the same as the ordinary cleaning pad that we frequently use in our home.

Car polishing pad kit

It is essential that you buff the paint of your car with a specific polishing material specifically for detailing. One can use buff pads to remove minor scratches and other blemishes. Drivers also use them as applicators to apply waxes, sealants, and coatings to their cars.

These pads are usually made of foam. They can also can be made of microfiber, wool or some combination of these three materials. Even though most pads can be attached to a polishing machine, some are used manually.

If you are finding it hard to choose the right polishing pad for your vehicle, then we have listed top 5 polishing pads.

Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Buffing Pad Kit

In this kit, the Chemical Guys offer a bottle of polishing pad cleaner as well seven buffing pads. Other than its higher price compared to the competition, it is a comprehensive kit for cutting, polishing, and finishing. The pads are available in different colors and each has unique characteristics. As long as you can match your actions according to the color-coded pads, you will be on the right track.

With its dense material and grooved pattern, the Hex-Logic pad uses a premium grade of foam and helps spread the product evenly. Thanks to the cleaning solution provided, you do not need to worry about where to soak your pads in order to clean them. A disadvantage of this buffing pad is that the Velcro may detach frequently.

Petutu Car Foam Drill Polishing Pad Kit

Petutu’s kit is complete and affordable if you own a hand drill. This kit contains two wool buffing pads, two drill adapters, sixteen pieces of sponge polishing pads and two suction cups. These pads are designed to seal, polish, or wax. The pads in this kit are washable and reusable.

These sponge polishing pads come in different colors, and each color represents a different softness level. You should use the orange pad for coarse polishing, yellow and blue for medium polishing, white and black for fine polishing.

This kit makes it easier to use hand drills for car detailing. Some users have reported the foam pad backing coming off. Also, you may have to hold the drill for a long-time causing fatigue.

SPTA 6inch Buffing Sponge Pads

These buffing pads help you spread the compound or polish almost evenly. They are compatible with pneumatic or electric polishing machine. Each of the little pieces is cut precisely. The pads are good for both paint correction and polishing. Use according to the color codes. The pads can also withstand a lot of pressure. The set is durable as well as affordable.

The white pad may be softer than the black pad as reported by some customers. The pads also tend get saturated with the compound faster, so you may need to clean or change the pad frequently.

MATCC Wool Sponge Pads

The Wool Buffing Pads kit offers all accessories needed to polish the exteriors of your vehicle. Three wool buffing pads, an adhesive pad, and an M14 drill adaptor are shipped with each. All these products are the tools which help to make the car owner’s job easier, so they can apply polish to the car exteriors quickly and easily.

The wool texture can clean out yellowed headlights and oxidization from the surface. The attachment disc is securely fixed to the pads and does not come off easily.

Griot’s Garage Orange Polishing Pad

The orange pad is most popular among Griot’s Garage buffing pads. The orange pad is used for touch-up of light to moderate car paint defects, scratches, oxidation and water stains. Griot’s Garage also has black foam finishing pads, red wax pads and microfiber finishing pads for fine-tuning and paint protection.

The chamfered edges on these pads have made its footprint bigger along with boosting its productivity and safety. These sanding pads can be used either by hand or attached to a Griot’s random orbital buffer or any other compatible polishing machine. Do remember to follow up with softer grit polish or pads after using the Orange pads to remove leftover swirl marks.

The biggest advantage for an average user is that Griot’s pads have less variations and are less confusing. The most common pads are red and orange.