It’s not any surprise that car exteriors are usually painted in black. It’s a sleek color that “stands out” aesthetically. Black symbolizes grace, luxury, power, ambition, as well as speed and stealth. It is not uncommon for car manufacturers to produce black and night editions just to cash in on their popularity.

Black car advantages and disadvantages

Black looks gorgeous when it reflects light correctly and especially when it’s clean. It’s almost like a mirror, but sometimes it can be a pain to clean. All dirt will show up on it, even the tiniest amount of dust will steal its shine. If it is maintained properly, your car will always have an impressive presence, whichever model you have.

Does buying a black car make sense? Here is a list of pros and cons.


The color black is visually appealing

The dramatic and eye-catching look of a shiny, new black car looks like no other. All the curves, creases and contours are highlighted when a car is finished in black. When you purchase a black car, you have already made a fashion statement. This results in an impression of refined elegance, along with a polished appearance.

A freshly detailed and waxed black car gleams like nothing else. The way black paint reflects light emphasizes the curves of the body. Many advertisements for cars, especially commercials centered on luxury vehicles, often feature black versions of the vehicles: black is a color that enhances cars. To draw attention to your ride, black is usually the way to go.

Black cars usually have a high resale value

The most common car color is black, followed by silver and white. Due to black cars being in demand, their residual values are usually higher.

Black is the signature color of most luxury car manufacturers. If the car is well maintained and black, it’ll sell much easier. Seductive black cars attract the buyer’s attention to their nicely-contoured, shining and sexy exteriors.

A black car appears more expensive. Moreover, black is regarded as a simple color. It is also ideal for business use and for long distance travel.


Black cars demand more cleaning and detailing

White cars may seem to get dirtier quickly than black ones, but the opposite is actually true. Black exteriors do not hold any secrets. Stains, dust, and dirt are more apparent on a black car. It will also be easier to spot flaws and damage in the car’s paint job, too. The tiniest swirls and scuffs will be noticeable, so you’ll have to keep visiting your mechanic and be more diligent about detailing.

You may not want to drive a black car if you consistently drive through dusty and muddy roads. Dirt and dust are difficult to conceal. Therefore, you are required to clean your vehicle more frequently than with other colors. Also important is the use of the proper detailing tools since black tends to make you pay for not doing so. A paint swirl or tiny hairline scratch can easily manifest itself from an improper cleaning product.

Your black vehicle needs regular care, including frequent washing, waxing, and polishing. It is important to make frequent efforts to clean the car’s exterior of stains and bird poop.Despite your efforts to protect your vehicle, the dust will just keep coming, and the birds will just continue to circle. The black paint on your vehicle takes a lot more effort to keep spotless and shiny than other colors. Consequently, this color would not be ideal for car owners with little time to invest in frequent car cleaning activities.

Cleaning Tips

Car owners of black vehicles will find life easier with a simple anti-static spray.  Simply spray it on and wipe it off with a microfiber towel.

Ceramic protection helps your black car keep its shine longer.  A number of sealants and coatings made for consumers can be applied by yourself.  Or you can hire a professional detailer to do it.

Use Autoglym Super Resin Polish or Meguiars 3 in 1 wax to mask light swirling and marring quickly.

Black cars heat up like an oven in hot weather

Those who live close to hot climates might spend much time in their black cars taking sauna baths. Any car interior gets hot when parked in the open, especially in the summer. Cars that are black tend to be even hotter since they retain so much heat. Also, the extra heat will make your air conditioner work overtime just to allow you to sit inside it.

A black car is not optimal for travel through the hot country or in the summer. In the winter, this heat trapping is a bonus, as your car will stay warmer than if it were white.

Furthermore, black interiors—especially those that are made of vinyl or leather—can make driving too uncomfortable. It might be nice in the winter for this type of effect, but will be a major concern if you live in a hotter region of the world.

Cooling Tips

When possible, try to park your car in a shaded area or indoors. However, you should not park under a tree because the sap from the tree will stain your car.  The sap clings to dust and dirt, so it should be cleaned away immediately.

Choose a car with air conditioning so you can feel comfortable inside. Additionally, sun visors and dash covers are available.

Black cars usually require high maintenance

We have discussed the need for perpetual cleaning and waxing a black car before. For this, you’ll need a lot of energy and patience. In addition, every element outside your car leaves behind a mark. A white base lies beneath the shiny black, beautiful surface, ready to be revealed at the slightest touch.

Cleaning your car more often means you have to spend more in upkeep costs throughout the lifetime of the vehicle, whether you have a professional do it or do it yourself at home. Keep in mind that even an incredibly thin scratch may stand out more, leading to more trips to the body shop.

White paint is easier to maintain as it shows less swirl marks than black. In addition, white doesn’t show dust as easily as black does. A black car’s imperfections are immediately noticeable. You can wash and wax, then detail it thoroughly; then, after sitting outside for several hours, you’ll want to do it all over again. Unless you drove through real mud, white will look at its best for weeks after being washed.

Maintenance tips

The exterior of your car can be washed with a foam cannon or with a two-bucket system. To dry, use a soft, microfiber fabric that will not leave harsh marks or swirls.

It’s not just dirt and mud – water spots add to the problem. Keep a large microfiber towel around! It makes it easy to clean after the rain or light shower. Using a waterless car wash solution or quick liquid waxing to remove dirt and dust is another option.

Dark cars have low visibility

Some studies suggest black cars are the most dangerous, while white, gold and yellow make the safest choice. Researchers believe it’s not the person behind the wheel but their vehicle’s visibility that is the problem. Black, grey, silver and blue blend in with the roads, scenery, and other traffic.

It is easier to see lighter colored vehicles against dark roads in very low light conditions. Other drivers are more likely to slow down before it’s too late if they see you clearly.

Visibility tips

Installing high-visibility stripes on the front and rear bumpers of your dark vehicle will make it more visible. Daytime headlights are recommended during the day.