In recent years, the foam gun has become one of the most used tools. This attachment is designed to be activated by your lawn and garden hose, which spreads soap foam onto car surfaces before you clean them by hand.

The foam guns and the foam cannons share a lot of characteristics. This causes confusion concerning how to compare the two for cleaning. Foam guns and foam cannons both use water and soap to create foam; the main difference is in how it’s delivered. Foam cannons are attached to a high-pressure hose, whereas foam guns use a standard garden hose. 

Car foam lance for garden hose

Obviously, agitating the soap at higher pressure will make the suds thicker and more effective. In spite of the lack of science to support the claim, most people believe that a greater amount of foam is “better” than a thin layer of foam. Nevertheless, they are most commonly used to presoak the vehicle’s surface with a layer of automotive car soap or shampoo.

In addition to loosening contaminants, the foam will also help remove dirt, bird droppings, bug splatters, etc. making it easier to clean. The car is then washed as usual and dried with a microfiber towel

Chemical Guys Torq Foam Blaster

A garden hose is more commonly owned than a pressure washer. A 1/4-inch connector is not used to connect this product as it relies on the garden hose nozzle as its connector.

This product is unique in that you don’t have to own a pressure washer to get foaming effects like a cannon. This spray bottle has a broader mouth and a stronger attachment. With a wide neck, pouring is more accurate and the bottle can still hold a liter of liquid. No need to hunt for an adapter between the water hose and the wash gun itself because it comes with its own spray nozzle.  

Its main downside is that it is not adjustable. The foam gun nozzle can be moved to direct the spray, but the dilution ratio is not adjustable on the spot. The product itself is easy to use and is suitable for nearly any dirty car or motorcycle. In addition to cleaning vehicles, you can also use it for other cleaning tasks around your house. 

You can use this foam gun easily. Attached to the pistol style handle is an easy-disconnect attachment. Despite most of the parts being plastic, there is metal in key areas. If you prefer a different dilution ratio, you may do so. If you want the best results, dilute the shampoo with RO or distilled water. Soft water works better with detergents and soaps.

The nozzle should be cleaned each time after use by running a little bit of clean water. Empty the bottle before storing it.

MATCC Car Foam Gun

Easy to connect to a garden hose or faucet, the MATCC car foam gun is perfect for washing your vehicles or equipment. With high quality brass connectors, the washing gun is secure and leak-free. 

Typically, gas powered pressure washers can cause damage through overpressure, resulting in chipped paint. With this you need not worry about it as the pressure is quite low. You can easily switch between water and soap. The dial with which you can adjust the mix ratio is very convenient. You can also pour back the product you don’t use because it doesn’t mix with water.

It can be used for spraying degreaser on grills and cooking equipment and then letting them soak in.  Cleaning up barbeque gear is a lot easier this way. You can also use the Foam Gun for a variety of purposes such as car washing, floor or window cleaning, or even watering flowers and plants. All water-soluble fertilizers and weed killers are compatible with this product.

Adam’s Standard Foam Gun

This Adams Standard Foam Gun is sturdy and easy to use. The gun comes with three metering inserts. The amount of washing solution dispensed is controlled by them. It’s as simple as adding the yellow metering tip for maximum foam.

Installation is straightforward and easy as it connects to a regular garden hose. A wide fan sprayer provides an impressive amount of coverage. The soap dispenser’s versatility is enhanced by its three metering tips that allow for optimum control of the amount of soap to be used.

Even though you must choose a metering insert, there is no accompanying guidance included. You can clearly see three metering orifices inside each nozzle. Pick the right one and install the feed hose, then add roughly 2 ounces of your choice of car soap. Make all the hose connections, and add water to the line marked. And now, you are ready to go.

A specific car soap will foam better than another, and you may need to experiment with different metering inserts until you get the desired foam. You can foam up to 5-6 cars with 2 ounces of soap and 1 cup of water using Adams super foam!

We’re confident that the foam gun will immediately influence your purchasing decision due to its seamless and expert combination of affordability, effectiveness, and durability. A simple force flow water attachment would be a nice add-on for rinsing. The use of another hose gun for the rinse could therefore be avoided.