Pressure washers and foam cannons have been taking over the traditional vehicle cleaning method in recent years. You don’t have to be a fan of detailing your car to benefit from getting a pressure washer and a foam cannon.

Foam cannon for pressure washer

A foam cannon is a basic product, attached to a pressure washer and providing a good, thick blanket of foam so as to get straight to washing. The foam cannon saves you the trouble of constantly dipping your sponge or hand mitt into a bucket filled with soap.

Tool Daily Foam Cannon

There are five spray nozzle tips included in Tool Daily’s Foam Cannon. One liter bottle and a 1/4-inch quick disconnect fitting provide this adjustable foam cannon with a variety of spray possibilities.

This cannon is compatible with machines with flow rates of 2.0 GPM to 5.3 GPM and at pressures between 1,000 PSI and 3,000 PSI. Several spray angles are available with the included nozzle tips: 0 degrees (red), 15 degrees (yellow), 25 degrees (green), 40 degrees (white), and 65 degrees (black).

The foam cannon’s quality is evident when you pick it up. It’s mostly solid brass except for the bottle.  There’s probably not much difference between this and more expensive foam cannons.  Since they are all virtually identical, it makes little sense to pay more for them. This cannon also sprays a nice amount of suds. In contrast to other products, this bottle is strong and resistant to breakage around the neck as it is made of heavy gauge plastic.

It is recommended that you use better soap. A lot of people agree that Chemical Guys manufactures one of the the best car wash soap.  This foam cannon is easy to use with its quick-change system, making it a handy and versatile tool in your arsenal when it comes to cleaning.

DUSICHIN SFL-001 Foam Cannon

The DUSICHIN Adjustable Foam Cannon is competitively priced and has overwhelmingly positive reviews. An integral 1/4-inch quick disconnect fitting is included along with the one-liter bottle. That will last several car washes before the next refill.

Brass is used for making the connectors, so durability shouldn’t be an issue. The pressure washer must be able to deliver over 1,000 PSI pressure and 2.0 GPM to use the foam cannon. You can operate it at a maximum flow rate of 5.3 GPM and at a max pressure of 3,000 PSI.

This product is optimal for both amateurs and professionals. Its adjustable settings allow you to control how much foam it creates and how much mixing must take place. Although some users have complained of the bottle breaking, most are extremely satisfied with its quality. Unfortunately, this problem is common when using foam cannons and really depends on how carefully one uses it.

MATCC Adjustable Foam Cannon

With a 1/4-inch quick disconnect and a 1-liter bottle, and requiring a pressure washer with a minimum of 2.0 GPM and over 1,000 PSI, MATCC’s Adjustable Foam Cannon resembles DUSICHIN’s offering. The cannon can handle 3,000 PSI of pressure and 5.3 GPM of maximum flow.

There are two spray patterns available: either a fan pattern or cylindrical pattern, and foam volume can also be controlled. Its main body is constructed from durable brass and it has a stainless-steel foam maker core.

The cannon works just fine with less soap in the bottle. This saves you a lot of detergent at the end of the month.

The long tube at the end lets you adjust the foam’s coverage width. The foam coverage can be narrow or wide, though wide coverage clears the bottle quickly. This flexibility in the foam lance core enables it to be used for more than just vehicle cleaning. It can be used for driveways, roofs, sidings, etc.

A clockwise rotation of the top knob will cause a greater amount of detergent to mix with the pressurized water spray. The result will be thicker foam. Spray patterns are determined by duck-bill paddles inside the nozzle.

MATCC Foam Cannon III

The MATCC Foam Cannon III offers many of the same features as other products. In addition, it has a brass core, and a wide neck bottle designed to safeguard against cracking under pressure.  Build quality is impressively solid and the engineering is very well thought out.  The adjustments operate smoothly without any hesitation.

Indentations on the MATCC Cannon bottle make it easy to hold and use. The bottle can easily be stored and set down due to its larger base portion.  A measuring graduation is shown on the bottle, which is convenient. With 24-hour customer service guaranteed for any issues, this product also comes with a one-year warranty for any issues.

Spray patterns and water-to-foam ratio can both be adjusted. MATCC cannons also have a built-in filter that prevents unwelcome dust and dirt from making it onto your vehicle’s paint. Additional versatility is provided by the fact that this cannon can also be used on multiple surfaces, including floors, windows, and siding.

There is a maximum pressure limit of 3200 PSI and 5.3 GPM, but a recommended operating pressure is 1450 PSI and 2 GPM. For electric power washer users, please review the specifications for the flow rate needed on this cannon and your washer’s flow rate. You may need a new 1.1 mm nozzle orifice if the flow rate is less than 2 GPM.

TriNova Foam Cannon

Several reviewers have praised the TriNew foam cannon for its simplicity of use, low PSI and GPM demands, and wide neck design that causes the foam cannon to perform more reliably. As well as guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction, TriNova is eager to assist anyone who might need help.

It can be operated at pressures ranging from 800 PSI to 3000 PSI and at flow rates as low as 1.4 GPM to 5.3 GPM for pressure washer requirement. It will enable the users to use a less powerful and less pricey electric pressure washer. For optimal results, Trinova recommends at least 1000 PSI.

TriNova features adjustable knobs for how much foam can be produced and how wide the fan should run. The bottle also has a large opening to avoid cracking problems between the bottle and cannon attachment.

Twinkle Star Foam Cannon

Though it seems a bit like others listed on our list, this foam cannon comes with five different pressure washer nozzle tips that will facilitate the ability to control spray angle. A 1/4-inch quick disconnect fitting and a 1-liter bottle are standard features in this lance. However, it does suggest a pressure washer with a minimum flow of 2.5 GPM and 1,000 PSI of pressure.

An adjustable nozzle on the powerful Foam Cannon shifts the spray pattern from a jet stream to a wide fan pattern. A feature of certain cannons that may cost more is the ability to change the spray pattern from horizontal to vertical, but it is not a deal breaker.

The choice of soap, or the pressure at which the foam is sprayed are much more important than the extra money spent on the cannon. As such, this cannon represents an outstanding value at its cost. I have read several reviews stating that the bottle may break but can easily be replaced.

Foam cannons or lances vs foam guns

A foam cannon is used with pressure washers, while foam guns are used with regular water hoses. It is common for foam cannons to be referred to as foam lances.

Foam guns have a lot of similarities in terms of how they function. Depending on which model they are, they will include either adjustable sprayers or ones without. They will easily be attached to the shampoo reservoir and mixing nozzle.

A foam cannon operates similar to a foam gun. You will need to take note that foam cannons are not universally compatible with all pressure washers. Buy one with a quick connect already built in or purchase one separately if the one you buy does not have one.

Our recommendation is to stick to brands that provide warranty support and replacement parts if anything breaks. Plastic and brass are usually the materials used in foam guns and cannons, so the possibility of something getting broken is pretty high if handled incorrectly.

Using Foam Cannon

You might be surprised at how easy it is to use a foam cannon. The cannon along with the pressure washer, water, and your choice of soap will be needed. Basically, you just need to fill the holding tank with the prescribed amount of soap and water, adjust the spray nozzle and foam thickness to your liking, and then spray.

Before washing off the foam, let it soak for about 10 minutes for deepest cleaning. You can follow up with a good scrubbing if you like, but usually just using the sprayer and rinsing is enough to get the car looking good as new.