You’ve likely heard that to restore some of its shine, you need to polish and wax your car. However, to keep your paint finish really shining, you need to use a clay bar. The car clay bar is a unique tool to use in addition to other cleansing methods in order to eliminate dirt that can’t be removed through typical methods like regular car washes or polishing and waxing, etc. Clay bar detailing is a simple and easy process to do. However, it does require some time. Listed below are some of the top best clay bars.

Mother’s California Gold Clay Kit Express

Mother’s has launched its California Gold Bar system. It is a nice package that offers several car cleaners in one. This product is our top pick for the best clay bar. One Clay Bar is included in this kit along with Mother’s California Gold Instant Detailer. You could use the kit right after opening it. Even on box, you would be able to see the clay bar kit’s results. Mother’s takes out the guesswork of when to use a medium or a light clay bar. This 100-gram clay bar can remove dirt on the surface perfectly. To be honest, Mother’s does not provide a storage tray for its clay bar, which is a pity. If you’d like to get away with the job quickly, Instant Detailer could come to your aid as a shiny glaze. You will need to buy extra bottle for heavily-contaminated vehicles. The kit includes clay bars and detailing tools for cleaning the exterior of car, so you can quickly polish car. This clay bar is great for cleaning oxidized paint, as well as to restore its shine. If you’re a beginner in clay bar detailing, it is one of the best choices since it’s not a gritty clay bar. The Mother’s Clay Bar System may not return the best results with any car that has been over sprayed or is out of its best stages.

Chemical Guys Medium Clay Bar

Chemical Guys sells clay bars, as well; if that’s what you’re looking to get. The company offers a range of clay bars, from economical to professional one. Medium and heavy clay bars are professional-grade products and can be very stiff and tend to resist shaping. As our best value, we choose the Medium Clay Bar, since it was a perfect option for us, no matter how dirty our car was. Using medium strength for removing stubborn contaminants is good enough to protect your car while still shielding your paint from scratches. The bars have color coding that could tell you which bar to reorder in case you want to group the bars by important factors. Preparation beforehand is a prerequisite for applying the clay bar on the car body. The lubricant and microfiber towel are a must to start the process. The Chemical Guys Medium Clay Bar is not good without lubricant. Choosing the lube can be difficult sometimes, and if you choose Chemical Guys product you will have to pay extra.

Griot’s Garage Paint Cleaning Clay

If you want to take care of your vehicle in a professional way, don’t miss trying out Paint Cleaning Clay Bar from Griot’s Garage. Griot’s Garage produces great car products, and Paint Cleaning Clay is one of them. It comes along with an air-tight sealed container, and that will ensure that moisture stays inside even after long-term storage. Compared to other products of the same category, this one is harder to form and shape. It doesn’t feel as good in the hand, but it is very effective on larger surfaces. Using Griot’s Garage Paint Cleaning Clay can improve the results of your buffing and waxing jobs. For maximum efficiency, use the proposed Speed Shine lubricant (from Griot’s Garage), but you can use any other lubricant as long as the clay bar remains slick. However, tough contaminants may require the use of a harder compound in order to remove them. If the bar is too large to hold in one hand, you may break it in half.

Meguiar’s C2000 / C2100 Mirror Glaze Detailing Clay

Car enthusiasts who want a professional detailing kit should buy Meguiar’s Professional Detailing Clay. This product is intended for users who really know what they are doing. This Clay bar also sticks on your hands, so it’s for experienced users only. You’ll need to use a lot of lubricant, preferably Meguiar’s M34 Mirror Glaze Final Inspection for it to work properly. You can use this clay bar to remove bug debris, road tar, overspray, dust, and freshwater spots. The clay has a container for storage. Its main purpose is to clean paint, metal, glass, and plastic. If used properly, you will have a mirror like smooth finish. Meguiar’s Professional Detailing Clay is a bit more expensive than other similar products.

Mothers Speed Clay 2.0

Using a patented rubber polymer technology, this special product can remove most contaminants from the paint quickly and efficiently. The bar is safe when used on paint, glass, smooth plastic, and chrome. Because this isn’t a traditional clay bar, you cannot cut or fold it into small pieces. It also has an ergonomic design, which makes it a very comfortable user experience. The red shell is made of soft-to-touch foam, which is firm enough to provide support. Use plenty of lubricant to keep this pad from wrapping around your car or damaging it.