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MTX-IV 5-speed Specifications

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The MTX-IV transaxle came about via of the Taurus SHO. When the SHO engine was being designed, it originally started out as a high-flow head project for the 3.0L Vulcan V6. Yamaha was brought in to help design the heads. Yamaha determined that the 3.0L Vulcan block was not capabale of the power Ford wanted, so an all new engine was designed. Even though the SHO engine was all new, some of the specs were shared between the two engines. One spec was the bellhousing bolt pattern. No transmission that Ford had at the time could stand up to the power output expected of the SHO, so a new transmission was designed. This was the MTX-IV.

In 1992, when the Vulcan was wedged into the Tempo and Topaz engine bay, Ford wanted a manual transaxle to be available. Since the bellhousing bolt pattern was shared between the Vulcan and the SHO engine, the MTX-IV 5-speed manual bolted right up. This is how the MTX-IV came to reside in the Tempo and Topaz. Compared to the MTX-III, the MTX-IV 5-speed featured extra webbing in the bellhousing as well as all-new strengthened internals. This transaxle has MTX IV stamped into its bellhousing. Unlike the MTX-III, the MTX-IV 5-speed did not come equipped with an "Upshift" indicator.

In 1992, Ford had planned to offer two different versions of the MTX-IV. There was the regular one for base and luxury models and a "sport" version with a shorter final drive ratio for the 1992 GLS, XR5, and LTS. However, by the time production rolled around, this was not the case. Only one version of the MTX-IV made it into production for the Vulcan/5-speed applications. It is also worth noting that the 5-speed that came on Vulcan-powered Ford Probes was not the same transaxle.

MTX-IV 5-speed Gear Ratios (92-94)
5th (overdrive)0.76:1
Final Drive3.52:1

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